Save Your Favorite Millennial…and Their Minnesota Company 401(k)

dc4430513c7ba2a09dfb8ca72acff4c5I recently found an article that perfectly matches my experience advising individual Minnesota company 401(k) retirement plan participants. Many of my long-time clients have referred me to their adult children. A recent article in The Fiscal Times outlines the 401(k) dilemma for young company 401(k) retirement plan participants. “Are 401(k) Plans Setting Up Millennials for Pain?” Target-date mutual funds are the current default investment option in many Minnesota company 401(k) retirement plan menus. It is nice to read that my concerns about those investments are shared by other investment professionals. Younger workers are often drawn to target-date mutual funds because they don’t understand how the other options in their company 401(k) retirement plan work. These young investors don’t have access to the same investment advice resources as their parents. If you have a son or daughter who participates in a Minnesota company 401(k) plan, please forward them the link to The Fiscal Times article. There are a growing number of company 401(k) plan advice resources. Ric Lager Lager & Company, Inc.

Fiduciary versus Suitability

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I read the Barry Ritholtz column in The Washington Post as often as I can. He does a really good job of making complex investment topics easy to understand. His October 25th column on “Find a financial adviser who will put your interests first” is … [Continue reading]

A Guide to Your 401(k) Fees

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A complete understanding of annual company 401(k) fees and expenses is a very important part of your investment management strategy. It is one of the first things I discuss with my individual company 401(k) investment advice prospects. My company … [Continue reading]

In Memory of the Last Great Stock Market Decline


Buy-and-hold investing is a relevant option for all individual investors. But you have to be very aware of the risk involved in that investment management strategy. The last great stock market decline was from the July of 2008 to March 2009. Many … [Continue reading]

It’s Time to Understand Your 401(k) Investment Risk


Company 401(k) retirement plan providers are not required to disclose information to individual company 401(k) retirement plan participants on many different levels. Nowhere is that more evident than when investment performance numbers are reported … [Continue reading]

Take Your Small 401(k) Stock Market Losses Now


The recent stock market decline is a good time to remind all Minnesota stock market investors of a common stock market investor ailment. Investors feel more emotional pain from an investment loss than they feel joy from an investment gain. This … [Continue reading]

3 Questions About 401(k) Advice

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Many Minnesota employers now provide investment advice to their individual company 401(k) retirement plan participants. This investment advice can be delivered online. It can be delivered over the phone. Or it can be delivered through face-to-face … [Continue reading]

Your Two Biggest 401(k) Management Problems

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The financial media has an endless supply of articles about how individual Minnesota company 401(k) retirement plan participants can fix their investment management woes. Quick fix company 401(k) investment management articles fall into the same … [Continue reading]

401(k) and IRA Fee Summary

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I found a great article yesterday on titled, “What You’re Really Paying in 401(k) and IRA Fees.” I am not shocked by the AARP survey quoted in the article. In my experience, the percentage of 401(k) company retirement plan … [Continue reading]