Minneapolis-St.Paul is Number 1 Hardest-Working City in USA

Minnesota flag

In an article on Business Insider today, Minneapolis-St. Paul was named the number one hardest-working metro area in the United States.

The rankings were provided by SpareFoot, an Austin, Texas based self-storage marketplace company. The numbers for the rankings were provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau.

According the to rankings,

“Residents of the Minneapolis-St. Paul area don’t actually work the longest hours—but they are close. The Twin Cities won the No. 1 spot because of how likely residents are to hold two jobs or be part of a dual-income family. Plus, there’s only a small percentage of people in this areas who don’t work at all.”

On this Labor Day 2014, congratulations to Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota and their recognition for hard-working residents.

Ric Lager
Lager & Company, Inc.

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