401(k) insurance. Yeah, that’s a thing.


You ensure that most important things in your life. The reason is because there are important things in your life that would cost a lot of money to replace. There is no reason to suffer a huge financial loss when something bad happens. You insure … [Continue reading]

The check engine light just came on in your 401(k)

Check Engine

The U.S. stock markets have had their worst start to a new calendar year in history. Retailers have closed hundreds of stores and laid off thousands of workers. The U.S. economic outlook has dimmed. The Dow Jones Industrials and the S&P 500 … [Continue reading]

Has the stock market got your 401(k) attention yet?

Man Sign Two Directions

The year of 2016 is only a few trading days old. Already the reality of the world's stock markets is in stark contrast with the long-term views of most investment professionals. The investment professional pearls of 2016 investment advice have … [Continue reading]

Your 401(k) can’t stand another buy-and-hold

401(k) blocks

The recent stock market headlines, have been filled with large stock market losses. With those headlines come the predictable wave of financial service industry jargon. “Think long term.” Buy-and hold." And my all-time favorite, "This is just … [Continue reading]

Be Very Careful When You Talk to Your 401(k) Provider

glasses and numbers

I can’t even remember how many Minnesota company 401(k) retirement plan participants I have heard this same story from. I can tell you that it has been several over my 31 years in the financial services industry. When you change jobs, you … [Continue reading]

It’s time for a conversation with your 401(k)


Individual company 401(k) retirement plan participants own way too much U.S. stocks now. I met with a 60 year old executive just last week who is currently 95% invested in U.S stocks in his company 401(k) retirement plan account. The last six-plus … [Continue reading]

Loss Aversion can save your 401(k)


One of the things I enjoy the most about my business is that I make time to read the great investment management books of our time. These books include economics, behavior, and investment management strategy. I am a big fan of the work of … [Continue reading]