Change Your 401(k) Story


Many individual investors choose not to pay any attention to their company 401(k) retirement plan accounts.  There is a stunning lack of attention to the largest part of their retirement savings. The most common excuse is that “I am terrible at investing.”

I don’t believe for one second that the majority of individual investors share those sentiments. Given the right resources individual investors would welcome the opportunity to dramatically improve the preservation and growth of their company 401(k) retirement plan account.

“I am terrible at investing” becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The mind set is easy to fall in to because the majority of individual investors lack confidence in their company 401(k) retirement plan investment management decisions.

A small group of company employees get together after work. The topic of complaints turns to the menu of options in the company 401(k) retirement plan. The group decides that nobody can figure out the company 401(k) plan. So it is no big deal that I can’t figure it out either.

My company 401(k) retirement plan advice clients are at the top of their profession. They make tough decision on behalf of their companies and their clients all the time. If you are reading this LinkedIn blog you were in the middle of a successful working career.

There is technology available today to rank of all your company 401(k) retirement plan menu options. These rankings are completely independent from your company 401(k) retirement plan sponsor and your company 401(k) retirement plan provider. The ranking tools do not have transaction fees, annual fees, or management fees.

It is very easy to improve your company 401(k) retirement plan investment performance when you clearly see how your menu of options is independently ranked.

There is also the technology available to alert you to changes in the stock and bond market risk levels. When a stock or bond mutual fund that you currently own begins to lag, you are alerted immediately. You can then make changes based on how much investment risk you want to take.

More and more independent investment advisors are adding company 401(k) retirement plan advice services to their client investment advice relationships. It is now easier than ever to permanently change your company 401(k) retirement plan story.

There is no need to suffer through the next great stock market decline or interest rate rise. All that is required is a change in your thinking.

There are technology tools available to improve your company 401(k) retirement plan investment performance. And you don’t have to be an investment expert.  You just have to find access to one.

Ric Lager
Lager & Company, Inc.

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