The Role of a 401(k) Investment Advisor


Most individual company 401(k) retirement plan investors are confused by the pending fiduciary investment advice new role of independent investment advisors. Independent, third-party investment advisors can provide investment advice to individual … [Continue reading]

Your, My, and Our 401(k)’s

pie chart macro

Individual company 401(k) retirement plan participants have had to deal with radical changes in the structure of the American family over the last few years. Moms and Dads don’t get married forever. Some get married again and bring their previous … [Continue reading]

Three Bad Ways to Pick a 401(k) Mutual Fund

Rock Paper Scissors

I always remind my Minnesota stock market investor clients of something that they read all the time. Most company 401(k) retirement plan participants never take the time to understand what they read. The phrase “past performance is no guarantee of … [Continue reading]

Spring Clean your 401(k)


A neglected company 401(k) retirement plan account begins to look like your cluttered closet or garage at home. Is your 401(k) a random collection of mutual funds that you can’t remember why you bought in the first place? That same can be said for … [Continue reading]

For Heaven’s Sake, read the chart

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How many times have you almost bumped into a person walking towards you who had their head down on their cell phone? The reason was that you had your head down looking at your cell phone as well. With the access to more financial news information … [Continue reading]